Tabitha Eve

Reusable Make-Up Rounds

£ 5 . 50

Reusable alternative to cotton disposable make-up pads. These sustainable cleaning pads are ideal for removing make-up and applying toner.


  • Materials: GOTS cotton and bamboo
  • Size: 3 inches / 7.5cm across. Slight variations to size and shape may occur as this pads are cut by hand.
  • Silky soft
  • Reusable
  • Naturally antibacterial

Care guidelines:

  • Rinse them in cold water
  • Soap can be used if necessary
  • Can be put in the washing machine on a cool wash
  • Leave out to dry

Why Bamboo?

  • Bamboo is a natural anti-bacterial
  • Fastest growing plant on the planet
  • No need of pesticides and chemicals
  • Bamboo plants can grow to full size in 3-4 months
  • Light but strong and durable
  • Generates jobs for farmers and harvesters across the globe
  • Bamboo absorbs 2x more carbon dioxide than trees
  • Generates a vast amount of oxygen, 30% more than most plants and trees

Why GOTS cotton?

  • This organically produced cotton uses no artificial fertilisers or chemicals. This ensure the soil is not harmed during the farming process and the cotton is natural and hasn’t been genetically modified.
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Promotes safe work & better livelihoods
  • Organic cotton is 80% rain fed, reducing pressure on local water sources.