We are Jack & Cami, the co-founders of Tierra Store. We share a passion for sustainability, eco-friendly products and beautiful homeware.

Cami – “I studied zoology, working in the marine biology field, studying plastic and the impact it causes on the aquatic environment and global warming. Whilst away with work, I developed a passion for reducing my waste and living in a more eco-friendly manner by purchasing products that are natural and sustainable and avoiding products that came from animal origin.”

Jack – “I am a web developer, who loves nature and skateboarding. Prior to embarking on the Tierra Store adventure, I built a peer 2 peer car sharing app which offset the carbon emissions created whilst renting a car. This project further inspired me to build my own platform to promote a more sustainable lifestyle.”

We decided to start Tierra Store during the first Corona virus pandemic lockdown. We needed a place to shop for sustainable lifestyle goods but wanted to stay safe whilst doing so. This blossomed into the idea of Tierra Store, a place where online shopping for sustainable, eco products is easier. We hand pick all of our items, ensuring they are not only durable and practical but also beautiful.

When choosing the products we offer we ensure that they meet our ethos, making sure that they are sustainable, eco-friendly, natural & ethical.

More and more people have begun purchasing eco-friendly products, embarking on the idea of a more sustainable and greener future. Tierra Store is set out to help you achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. Making it easy to find things that replace all our products that have a short life spam & contain plastic and harmful chemicals.