Dish brush

£ 4 . 50

This bamboo and coconut bristle dish brush is great for cleaning dishes, jars, bowls and pots. This brush has a comfortable grip and its bent round shaped head helps access all the areas easily.


  • Non scratch
  • Designed to reach hard places
  • Gets rid of tough grease and mold
  • Safe on non-stick fry pans
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Free from chemicals
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable
  • Eco-friendly

Why to choose this brush to conventional sponges ?

Whilst using conventional plastic sponge, small particles of plastic found within the sponge (micro-plastics) enter water systems, polluting the environment and the oceans.

This bush is compostable and biodegradable, therefore reducing the impact of waste in the landfill.